Shcoggi Meier – the best corporate chocolate gift idea

When it comes to making decisions for your company, leave it all up to the professionals to guarantee your success. For all your corporate chocolate gift needs, Schoggi Meier is the corporate chocolate maker to turn to.

Corporate chocolate gift packages that warm the heart

Show your clients that you are not all business and that you, as a company, indulge in celebrating life's special moments, wins, and victories. Send each of your clients a corporate chocolate gift to show them that you care about them more than they care to think. Corporate chocolate treats by the leading Swiss chocolate maker in Hong Kong, Schoggi Meier are all highly customizable. Choose between an array of corporate chocolate gift options to build the perfect gift for every client. Personalize the experience between you and the client by maximizing the customization privileges you are afforded. There is no way you can go wrong with a tailor made corporate chocolate gift when you work with professionals like Schoggi Meier of Hong Kong. It's just not possible!

Imported chocolate goodness made in Hong Kong

Choosing to work with Schoggi Meier means that you are choosing a world-class brand to represent your company. Any corporate chocolate treat from the Swiss chocolatier guarantees your clients' satisfaction no matter what corporate chocolate gift option you decide on giving. How can this be so? It's simple. When masterful craftsmanship and premium quality chocolate ingredients are mixed together, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. Schoggi Meier takes pride in its Swiss roots thanks to its founder, expert chocolatier, Jurg Meier. Furthermore, the Schoggi Meier promise is that every piece of the corporate chocolate gift you buy today was also made today. There truly is nowhere better to turn to for corporate chocolate treats to impress your clients and make them feel the love.

Tailor made corporate chocolate treats

For a truly impressive corporate chocolate gift package, opt to customize every piece of chocolate you send out. Whether you have your logo stamped right into the chocolate or you have personalized greetings on the wrapper, it's your call. Any form of customization to Schoggi Meir corporate chocolate products will take your gesture to the next level because everyone knows that nothing spells luxury better than having something tailor made. Warm the hearts of each of your clients with personalized corporate chocolate gift sets and notes to match.

Best value for your company's money

With your logo stamped and printed across every single item in the corporate chocolate gift packages you send out, you increase your chances of exposure to bigger audiences. Think about it this way. These days, people take pictures of everything that they think is interesting and they upload it to social media for the rest of the world to see. When they receive your corporate chocolate gift, there is no way it isn't making its rounds online. It's a win-win situation for a few good reasons:You gain your recipient's favor.The more customized chocolate products, the more people get to see your brand.With your logo on everything, people won't be able to ignore the sweet gesture and link it to your brand So, even if the corporate chocolate gift options cannot be described as economically priced, they offer your company the best value for their money in the respect that it allows your simple corporate chocolate treat to turn into a multitude of marketing materials where your clients themselves do the marketing for you, and for free!

The Schoggi (16pcs)

The Schoggi (16pcs)
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The Schoggi (16pcs)

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