Japonaise Sticks (12pcs) 杏仁蛋白脆餅朱古力 (12塊)

Japonaise Sticks (12pcs) 杏仁蛋白脆餅朱古力 (12塊)
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Japonaise Sticks (12pcs) (Shelf life: 3 months)

(Layers of crispy Japonaise, sandwiching 6 different flavours of fillings and covered in a layer of Dark/Milk Chocolate)

Each box contains 2pcs each of the following flavours:


  • Raspberry with Dark Chocolate
  • Cappuccino with Milk Chocolate
  • Passion-Mango with Dark Chocolate
  • Hazelnut with Milk Chocolate
  • Double Dark Chocolate
  • Caramel with Milk Chocolate


朱古力蛋白杏仁脆餅 (12條)(保質期:3個月)


  • 紅桑子黑朱古力
  • 泡沫咖啡牛奶朱古力
  • 香芒熱情果黑朱古力
  • 榛子牛奶朱古力
  • 雙重黑朱古力
  • 焦糖牛奶朱古力