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The only Hong Kong Chocolate Shop you'll ever need

Find out about a Hong Kong chocolate shop that will satisfy your every craving. With over a dozen collections of Hong Kong chocolate, everyone is bound to find something that will tingle their senses and get them hooked.

Swiss Chocolate Shop in Hong Kong

Chocolate is one of the very few things in the world that brings about a universal effect. It makes everyone happy regardless of who they are, where they're from, and what they do for a living. That's why an expert chocolatier from Switzerland set a chocolate shop up in HK. His mission was to bring the best of Switzerland's chocolate to Hong Kong.

Schoggi Meier is a chocolate shop in Hong Kong that dishes out only the freshest pieces of couverture chocolate in HK. Masterfully made with the techniques of the Swiss chocolate master himself, this chocolate shop in Hong Kong is truly a cut above the rest.

The man behind the luxe Hong Kong chocolate shop

If you've ever wondered about the history behind this HK chocolate shop's name, then you're in for a sweet treat. The Hong Kong chocolate shop, Schoggi Meier is named after its master chocolatier, the man responsible for bringing the heavenly Swiss chocolate goodness to HK, Jurg Meier.

Without him, the beloved Hong Kong chocolate shop would cease to exist. It is his craftsmanship in artisanal chocolate that brought the HK Swiss chocolate industry where it is now. His passion for his craft has been passed on to his apprentices who ensure the quality of their chocolate is maintained and never sacrificed.

Meet your match

More than just bringing the goodness of Swiss chocolate to HK, the Schoggi Meier brand has given the Hong Kong chocolate scene the push that it needed to take it to the next level. With over 68 products to choose from, this Hong Kong chocolate shop has something for everyone!In the world of chocolate, there are three major classifications from which other types of chocolates are derived from. The following are the three: Dark, Milk and WhiteAlthough it seems as though it's a very basic categorization, knowing the world has countless chocolate brands churning out an unlimited number of chocolate recipes, these are the three most basic classifications of chocolate. Browse through the Schoggi Meier online chocolate shop for Hong Kong and you will see that each of the items on their expansive product selection will either be one of the three. That way, it is easy to make your way through the HK chocolate brand's catalogue and making your purchase. We encourage you to explore all three kinds until you fall in love with the right one for your preferences.

You desire it, we deliver it

The best thing about this HK chocolate shop is that they offer free delivery services for purchases amounting to at least HK$800. They will deliver to certain areas in Hong Kong to make sure you have your chocolate fill whenever you need it!For orders not amounting to HK$800, orders can be picked up at the Schoggi Meier customer service center. You may also opt for the HK$100 delivery service offered by the HK chocolateshop.

Schoggi Meier chocolate shop in Hong Kong has everything you need

Choose from the wide selection of Swiss chocolate made exclusively available to the Hong Kong market on the Schoggi Meier website and you will never need to walk into any other HK chocolate shop ever in your life. Go further than satisfying your chocolate cravings and learn all about how we can turn chocolate into gifts and corporate giveaways too! Make every event more special with Schoggi Meier chocolate from Hong Kong.

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