Cacao Fruit Praline (9pcs)

Cacao Fruit Praline (9pcs)
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Cacao Fruit Praline (9pcs)

Made with Cacao Fruit couverture from Felchlin, sweetened with the natural cacao fruit juice pressed from the pulp of the cacao pod.

The unique and distinct acidity of Cacao Fruit highlight the flavor of each piece of praline. You can finally taste the “real taste of Cacao” with both the flavor of cacao beans and pulps in one.

 Available in 3 flavours, such gift box is definitely the best choice for “Chocoholic”!

  • 72% Dark Cocoa Fruit Praline (3pcs)
  • 64% Dark Mandarin Cocoa Fruit Praline (3pcs)
  • 72% Dark Caramel Cocoa Fruit Praline (3pcs)

Shelf Life: 1 month