About Schoggi

Like the majority of gourmet foods, artisan chocolate is a dish best served fresh. But the question is: Where to find the freshest pieces in Hong Kong? The answer is right at your fingertips. You can now easily access some of the healthiest fine chocolates made fresh daily in town, through Schoggi Meier’s online shopping website which offers a hassle-free, wonderful and rewarding bargain.


Schoggi Meier is the leading chocolatier in Hong Kong. Affectionately named after its founder Jurg Meier, himself an expert chocolatier from Switzerland, Schoggi Meier handcrafts its sumptuous delights with premium couverture from Felchlin in Switzerland. Creating the most authentic Swiss Chocolate taste in town has been Schoggi Meier’s pride – and it always will be! Each chocolate masterpiece embodies the passion of its skilful chocolate masters. They are freshly made in Hong Kong every day in a specialised factory under the strictest quality control. Each bite evokes the unforgettable flavours of genuine artisan chocolate. Schoggi Meier serves a rainbow offering of sweet treats. The brand keeps creating new confectionery ideas to enrich its star-studded product lineup which includes truffles, pralines, dragee, chocolate bars, macarons, seasonal and festival flavours, to name but a few.


What’s more, Schoggi Meier offers personalised packaging services to add glamour to many important events or occasions. Be it a corporate event, anniversary celebration, wedding banquet, baby naming ceremony or a private party, Schoggi Meier’s (or more precisely – your) customised giveaways can definitely sweeten any memorable moment. From now on these can be easily arranged anytime with just one click from its website. Welcome to the Swiss Chocolate world of Schoggi Meier – right here in Hong Kong and accessible online anywhere!