Diabetic's Choice (25pcs)

Diabetic's Choice (25pcs)
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Diabetic's Choice

(Shelf Life: 3months)

All the nuts used are of top quality and sourced from their best origins in the world.

Each praline contains a piece of crunchy roasted nut and smooth nutty gianduja filling which are made with premium no-sugar-added couverture from .

With all the top-quality ingredients, the Diabetic’s Choice Pralines taste so rich, chocolaty yet naturally sweet that one would feel like just eating normal chocolate.

  • No Sugar Added Hazelnut Dark Praline (8pcs)
  • No Sugar Added Almond Mike Praline (9pcs)
  • No Sugar Added Macadamia White Praline (8pcs)

To ensure the best enjoyment, please keep the chocolates at 15-18℃ and humidity below 60% and consume them within 3 months.