64% Dark Four Brothers Delight (12pcs) 64% 榛子四兄弟朱古力禮盒 (12粒裝)

64% Dark Four Brothers Delight (12pcs) 64% 榛子四兄弟朱古力禮盒 (12粒裝)
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The chocolate praline is affectionately named as "Four Brothers" for having four pieces of hazelnuts sticking to each other, just like four little brothers cuddled up to each other, under a layer of thin and silky smooth chocolate.

Made with hazelnuts from Piedmont (Italy), which are the best in the world, having undergone perfect roasting and delicately coated in a thin layer of smooth  Madagascar 64% dark chocolate, the Four Brothers are so delicious that you just cannot stop eating once you started!

Besides, decorated with a touch of gold leaf on each piece, it becomes such a wonderful gift for your important ones.

To ensure the best enjoyment, please keep the chocolates at 15-18℃ and humidity below 60% and consume them within 3 months.