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Send your blessings and warm welcome to business partners or clients in Hong Kong with our corporate gifts. Be amazed by our creative collections of chocolate, cookies, macarons, tea, hampers and more!

Corporate Chocolate gifts by Schoggi Meier of Hong Kong

When you work with professionals, you get results that don't disappoint. For corporate gifts for your Hong Kong clients and suppliers, trust only Schoggi Meier. Select and customize from a wide array of corporate gifts.

Impress with tailor made corporate gifts

There are many very important occasions throughout the year wherein sending your Hong Kong clients and suppliers some corporate gifts cement your relationships with them. Occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays are perfect occasions to send corporate gifts along with Hong Kong national holidays and even selected religious occasions. The best way to make both your clients and suppliers feel that their business is valuable to you is by sending them impressive customized corporate gifts by Hong Kong Swiss chocolatier, Schoggi Meier. The premiere chocolate brand boasts of an expansive catalogue of products made for giving away as corporate gifts for your Hong Kong clients and suppliers.

Only the world’s best chocolate for your corporate gifts

Guaranteed made fresh everyday, the Swiss chocolate products for corporate gifts makes this Hong Kong chocolate brand stand out among the rest. Each of the masterfully crafted corporate gifts by Schoggi Meier of Hong Kong is a testament to the standards that the Swiss chocolate company upholds. Swiss chocolate is known for its melt in your mouth goodness that other countries just can't seem to get right. This delectable treat is now in HK thanks to the efforts and the vision of expert chocolatier, Jurg Meier, whom the chocolate brand is named after. Build your perfect corporate gifts and packages with Schoggi Meier and deliver smiles to your clients and suppliers.

Customizing your corporate gifts for each Hong Kong client and supplier

Why settle for corporate gifts that have only your brand logo on it when you can customize them to include the logo of your partnership with each of your HK clients. Make each of your clients and suppliers feel that they are in fact valued and that the business they bring is more than appreciated. Select from the comprehensive catalogue of premiere Swiss chocolate products and take your corporate gifts to the next level. Customize each of your corporate gifts to each of your clients and suppliers in HK. The further the level of customization, the more appreciated and valued your recipients will feel.

Elevating your corporate gifts with personalization

Schoggi Meier of HK lets you customize and personalize your corporate gifts. Whether you have your company logo stamped across the chocolates or have personalized wrappers, you have the luxury of maximizing the customization privileges that the Swiss chocolate maker affords its clients. Here are some of the areas in which you can build your own corporate gifts to give your Hong Kong clientele and suppliers list:Select the kind of chocolate (Dark, milk, and white),Choose from the available size and quantity options,Have your brand logo printed or stamped on the chocolate,Have your client or supplier's logo included in the design,Create a personalized wrapper

Taking care of your clients and suppliers

Personalizing your Schoggi Meier corporate gifts and packages has never been this easy. Grow and maintain your professional relationships with your HK partners with customized corporate gifts.Impress them with highly customized and personalized corporate gifts to symbolize goodwill and lay the foundations for a prosperous partnership for the years to come. Trust only the best in Swiss chocolates and corporate gifts when it comes to branding your HK giveaways.