Delicacy Hamper in Hong Kong | Schoggi Meier

Schoggi Meier offers the finest delicacy hamper in Hong Kong. A presentable hamper with luxurious chocolates would be the best festive gift to demonstrate care and give thanks to your business partners and clients.

Tailor made event Hamper by Hong Kong chocolatier

For big celebrations of special occasions, the best way to make your clients feel valued is by arranging and sending them a personalized *hamper of Hong Kong Swiss chocolates by Schoggi Meier.

The more the merrier

When it comes to receiving chocolate treats, the saying ‘the more the merrier’ could never ring more true! It is undeniable that people all over the world enjoy indulging in chocolate treats and even more so when they receive them as gifts. The more diverse your selections are, the more enjoyable your custom Hong Kong festival *hamper will be! Spare no expense when you’re working towards gaining the favor of your clients. With a *hamper full of the best of Schoggi Meier’s Swiss chocolate products, your company’s name will be in your Hong Kong clients’ minds for a good long time. Put together a festival *hamper of the best Swiss chocolate products that the Hong Kong-based chocolatier has to offer. Not only do you get to select which chocolate treats to include in your *hamper, you also get to customize every piece of the package to elicit the best response from your Hong Kong audience.

Customize a hamper for your clientele

Go beyond simply putting a hamper together with existing Schoggi Meier chocolate products. Opt to invest the time in working with our team to fully customize your *hamper. Create tailor made packaging for each of the pieces in your *hamper of giveaways for any and all of your Hong Kong events. By furthering the level of customization on your hamper, you are afforded the privilege of being thought of by your Hong Kong clients as a company that will go out of their way to create special moments with each of them. With a fully customized and fully-loaded *hamper for your Hong Kong clients, it will be easy for you to gain their favor!

Why you need to organize a hamper for your events

Imagine receiving just one piece of chocolate in your office or in the mail from either a client or a supplier. How do you think will that make you feel considering all the business you’ve given each other? It will feel as if you’ve been cheated because you know the value you bring to the table is worth so much more than one bar of chocolate with a company logo on it. Now imagine walking into your office with a *hamper loaded with the best of Swiss chocolate in all of Hong Kong. Your first instinct will be to take a picture of it! Just like that, the one who sent you the hamper gained your favor and free marketing to your personal and professional network. That’s the power of a Schoggi Meier *hamper made in Hong Kong!

When to send a hamper to your Hong Kong clients

We’re sure the idea of putting your own *hamper together to send to your Hong Kong clients has gotten you excited. But, you might wonder when the right time to send them a hamper is. One example would be for when you welcome new endorsers or influencers to your marketing and promotional operations department. Surprise them with an overwhelmingly put together *hamper and watch them share photos of it to their Hong Kong audience.If you want to go further, here are some ideas on when sending a hamper is best done:New product launch,Company anniversary,Contract anniversary,Company milestones,Client’s life events.There are many more occasions that a custom hamper could make even more special. Let us know how we can work together to build the perfect hamper for your Hong Kong brand!