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As an expert chocolatier, Schoggi Meier provides you professional recommendations from selection of customized logo chocolate to design of tailor-made packaging to match your company image and impress recipients.

Your customized logo chocolate maker – Schoggi Meier

Never settle for corporate gift makers that don’t offer customization options. Work with the chocolate experts, Schoggi Meier for limitless logo chocolate branding possibilities to impress your clients and suppliers.

Why customization matters for your branding

It’s one thing to send your valued clients and suppliers corporate gifts and packages with the intention of maintaining goodwill and it’s another thing to send them highly customized gifts to show them how much you truly value their business. As you ponder on your next set of corporate gifts to give away, we urge you to consider elevating the quality of your corporate giveaways with logo chocolate branding to maximize your good intentions and even turn it into a marketing opportunity. How exactly does that work? With logo chocolate branding across every piece of chocolate in your corporate gift package, you are sending your clients the message that your company is capable of going above and beyond what is expected. Furthermore, the more items with logo chocolate branding you send in each gift set, you expose yourself to a bigger audience.

Logo chocolate by the best Swiss chocolate makers in Hong Kong

When your clients and suppliers receive your brand specific logo chocolate treats and gift baskets, their first reaction will be of gratitude and when they realize that you’ve given them Schoggi Meier chocolates, they will be filled with delight and excitement! Now that’s the kind of experience you get when you send them customized logo chocolate made by the best Swiss chocolate makers in Hong Kong.Schoggi Meier produces Swiss chocolate of the best quality and every bite into Schoggi Meier chocolate creates a pleasurable experience. Pair that with tailor made logo chocolate branded treats and your clients, suppliers, and business partners will be overjoyed to receive your gift sets every time.

Customizing the experience for each client

It would be a mistake to send everyone on your recipients list the same corporate gift set when you know that each of your most important clients, suppliers, and partners respond to varied gestures of goodwill. So take the time and put in the effort to come up with logo chocolate packages and gift sets that will effectively send your message across. Schoggi Meier allows clients to create tailor made corporate gift sets filled with only the best of their Swiss chocolate products from the chocolates to the wrappers. Maximize this privilege and go beyond sending your valued partners in business a common gift set.

Your logo chocolate branding and customization options

As much as chocolate treats are a delight to receive, not all of your recipients will indulge in them. To make your corporate gifts effective, enlist the help of your PR manager to give you helpful information to create the right logo chocolate gift package for your most important business partners. Get started by asking these questions:Do my recipients have health restrictions? Will sending them logo chocolate treats harm them?If so, do they have children we can make the logo chocolate treats for instead?What is the size of the office or family of my recipient? Do we send a logo chocolate package for a family of 4 or an office of 20?Gather the answers to these questions and you’re on your way to getting started with building the best corporate logo chocolate gifts and giveaways your company has ever sent out. By paying attention to these important details, with the help of your staff, you can create not only special but meaningful experiences for each of the recipients on your corporate gift list.